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body contouring.. that dick tho [Feb. 19th, 2017♠ |♠02:26 am]
i did my procedure yesterday. it wasn't too bad. the shit DID hurt. but it wasn't anything i was unable to tolerate. and i must say i'm amped to do it again. the results aren't as noticeable as i would like, i could probably go for 2 more sessions. the shit has me hella motivated tho. i'm looking up a workout plan as we speak. can't wait til next weekend to talk to chris and find out how she's doing with her trainer. the price isn't bad and if she gives me a good review, i'm going in head first. i now weigh 30lbs more than i'm used to. BUT it doesn't look like it. atleast to others it doesn't. but i can tell when i'm shopping for clothes. last night i did some shopping and for the first time in my life, i went into the plus section.. damn. i ended up getting L and XL instead. i really don't mind the number on the scale. fuck all that. i just want my stomach gone, waist thin as possible, and my hips and ass on fleek. i've been thinking about surgery lately. but before going that route, i want to atleast try to obtain my desired results naturally. THEN if things aren't coming along as i would like, i would most definitely fuck with the surgery. dr. miami has been heavily on my mind. if the wait list is really 2 years.. i need to do my research now just in case. but if i get any type of surgical procedure in the future, that's who i'm going to. and if i get the procedure i had done today again, i'm taking that flight to her. hell, florida is obviously where it's at. i'm definitely relocating within the next 5-10 years. and florida has definitely become an option.
just saw safaree's dick pics on fb. damn bruh.. i didn't kno nicki was getting THAT on the regular. like BRUH! i want dick so bad. been talking to kc, but something is going on with him. he would've BEEN came through. that was my "go-to" for the past 9 years. he sent me the videos of us that i didn't have. shit had me hot asf. missing tf outta that dick bruh. i'ma get him one of these days. and it's on. that's the one person i feel the most comfortable with when it comes to fuckin. yea i had a few at one time. some of them still hittin me up, but kc is the only one bruh. all the fuckin memories... when i first got cheated on by oh boy.. then a few weeks later ran into him at work.. it was so on time. he became my side nigga and i was his snack as well. unfortunately the dude i was talking to is now married and kc is still with the same chick. seems like there's only two options when it comes to this relationship shit. be the main who gets fucked over time after time... or be the side chick who never has one to call her own. and the way my self-esteem is set up, i'd much rather the latter. lord knows i can't handle heart break. fuck, i still haven't bounced back from the shit on november 2, 2008. two-thousand-FUCKIN-eight!!! i remember the day i met him. in walmart by the huey with my nephew sitting in the basket. we talked, exchanged numbers... went to see him and from the first day i went saw him, we hadn't spent a day apart. [until he started cheating]  he was my bestfriend.. my everything. heartbreak is the worst when it's caused by the person you'd least expect. all the times he told me his bro had his car and he couldn't make it.. he was laid up with her instead. and that's why i never gave a fuck when i was fuckin kc and his girl would call and i'd hear the lies he'd tell. to me that was me getting catch back. but of course it had nothing to do with her. she was just unknowingly playing her role in my fucked up head.
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