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far from hood but he understand the streets [May. 27th, 2017♠ |♠01:00 am]
[Mindset |permission--ro james]

Sometimes you just need to be alone. I was supposed to be finding clothes to go out, but now I'm home listening to my teddy p station on pandora n I'm feeling so good. Off this weekend. Yes baby!! Well I'm gonna hit the shower n see if I'm in the mood to hit the streets or not.

3:38 am
I got dressed n everything. got close to the bridge n realized I left my wallet. I was gonna proceed, but realized the spot I was going to be id'ing. SO, I hit my people up and we decided this just wasn't our night lol..
then I left to pick up the kiddies.. actually got to the bridge when my dad hit me up tellin me they were sleep and I should just wait til the morning. so i'm back home listening to my teddy p station and big chillin.

I treated myself to a new ipad. I LOVE it! it's the same one I was thinking about getting early last year. there's a newer one out now, but hey this is way better than the ipad 2 I have.. and I saved a few hundred by waiting..

why I thought Mario sung that greenlight song. it just came on my youtube. a nigga named ro james and the song is called permission. would've never known because I planned on skipping the song.. glad I wasn't paying attention that time.

well the fam is in Miami right now. i'm definitely going on the next trip with them. currently i'm thinking about what the hell i'm doing for my 30th bday. more than anything, I want to take a flight out. I want my mom to come with me though.. then how my dad is.. i'ma have to take the kids. he has work to worry about. I was thinking cali, but now that i'm incorporating the kids, i'm thinking Disneyland. no matter where I go, i'm sure to love it.
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